The uses of Rattan Core

You can also create it yourself thanks to our rattan and accessories as Webbing comb for the cane alignment, Webbing needle, brass bolt, or punch For the basketry work, the rattan core is ideal thanks. To the different diameter and colors available which add originality to your own creation!  You are looking for exotism? choose our langarana rabane weaving.

This weaving can be used as coating on walls or to create your own bags, headboard, luminaire, clothes… In blue, orange, pink, green or yellow this weaving will please everybody. With the zig zag pattern add a design touch to your interior In the banana version, the natural side of the weaving will stand out Talking about travel, our ermines are here to follow you. Thanks to its tight braiding, stop being annoyed by the sand or the grass mark during pic-nics