Natural Rattan

Natural Rattan

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    This Loonty Koboo trimmed rattan cane is a versatile long-lasting material, easy to work with. It is used in the making of fishing baskets or hot-air-balloon gondolas. This highly flexible untreated rattan cane is easy to weave and lasts a long time outdoors. Used in exterior decoration for façades, terraces or in the making of rattan wickerwork items.

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  • 14,51 €

    Manau natural rattan cane is used in home decor for making furniture and accessories. Make your own chairs, armchairs or shelves and create a room with a touch of the exotic. Natural rattan cane, a top-quality material, can also be used as self-defence canes for the martial arts.

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  • 8,71 €

    Natural Malacca rattan cane is used in furnishings in the making of indoor furniture such as chairs, armchairs, sofas or shelves. Natural rattan cane is an easily malleable top quality material, depending on the use you intend to make of it. Some people use it for creating fences for the patio and other outdoor enhancements.

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  • 33,83 €

    There is a story to this Malacca cane. It was used for a long time by companions travelling long distances on foot. Its sturdiness and lightness make it a symbol of their profession. You can carve it and personalize it as much as you wish, following tradition!

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  • 19,42 €

    Tohiti natural rattan is a choice natural material used in furnishing. Also make your own basket handles with Tohiti rattan cane to give them a natural appearance. Rattan cane is an easily malleable material, depending on your inspiration. It is a stylish and modern natural decorative material with which you can personalise your home decor. Rattan grows...

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items