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  • 9,02 €

    A really decorative natural material, the superior quality of this marsh straw vegetable fibre cord is ideal for the restoration of your stools, chairs and armchairs. Enrich your hand-craft abilities by giving your seats a new life. Reseating becomes a simple affordable activity thanks to the marsh straw made into cord and ready for use.

    9,02 €
  • 11,56 €

    Paper yarn gives a noble and attractive result and makes your decoration stylish and fashionable. Paper yarn is traditionally used in the reseating of chairs, armchairs and seats. This is a good quality, inexpensive natural rustic-coloured yarn used for chair reseating.

    11,56 €
  • 6,70 €

    This tool will help you draw through cane strands when they lie under the caning. To take a deeper look at caning and reseating techniques, check out the book by Charlotte Lahalle – published in French by Fleurus.

    6,70 €
  • 7,44 €

    From a protected natural environment, the vegetable fibre seagrass cord will clad your most creative crafts and strengthen your cleverest creations. Take inspiration from this natural material, standing for tradition, in the practice of your hand-crafts and decoration. This twisted vegetable cord is also used in the reseating of your chairs and armchairs.

    7,44 €
  • 3,77 €

    This strip of wood is used in the finishing of your wickerwork and creative leisure activities. It is suited to creative manual activities and easy to use. Sold by 250g weight and by roll. Our materials are natural and adhere to international harvesting standards.

    3,77 €

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  • 168,12 € 210,14 € -20%

    Highly fashionable, this untreated bamboo weave appeals for the elegance and refinement it brings to your home decor. Its size makes it easy to adapt to your living spaces as wall coverings for your bathroom or kitchen, since bamboo is suited to all kinds of humid environments. Natural decoration, Japanese partitions, or mounted as blinds

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  • 119,31 € 149,14 € -20%

    Personalise your interior design and create a Japanese partition, cover your walls, furniture and cupboards with a slat bamboo weave. Charm and originality combined with a relaxed atmosphere set the tone. With this natural decorative material make your interior a haven of peace. Become a master of tailor-made art! Our bamboo is harvested in Asia, adhering...

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  • 30,52 € 35,90 € -15%

     Roman or rolling blind, each to his own style! . You can also make your own customised blinds with the untreated bamboo weave together with rail and blind mechanism kit. The bamboo blind is a vegetable material that stands up to changes in temperature and humidity. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, it can be reduced in both height and width

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  • 30,84 € 38,54 € -20%

    The bamboo sheet is perfect for cladding your walls with a natural contemporary covering, decking your terrace with a little exoticism, or creating Japanese style separations. A material that is easy to work with and clean, and highly resistant to humidity, the bamboo weave can be adapted to all your ideas, whether for the personalisation of your interior...

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  • 54,91 € 68,64 € -20%

    Particularly appreciated as a natural covering, this bamboo weave is ideal for your interior design. Cover your walls and furniture with a touch of the exotic! Its size means you can adapt it to your living spaces: wall covering for your bathroom, natural covering for your dining table, mat for the sitting room. The elegance of the bamboo weave fits...

    54,91 € 68,64 € -20%
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