Venetians blinds are made with tilting slats, which are very practical, providing protection from the sun and privacy, as well as isolating an indoor space. These blinds are generally made of wood, plastic or aluminium. The advantage of Venetian blinds is the ability to filter light in different degrees, by changing the rotation of the slats. Almost total light block can be achieved with wooden blinds down.

Globstor has two ranges of Venetian blinds: wooden blinds in four standard colours: dark cherry, light beech, wenge, and white, and aluminium micro-perforated blinds in five standard colours: white, taupe, black, metal grey, charcoal.

Store boisThe Globstor range of wooden Venetian blinds

Our slatted wooden blinds are used as indoor blinds. You can order 16 different colours in specific sizes and create an elegant atmosphere (please contact us for a quote). Our wooden Venetian blinds are easily fitted and you can choose their slat width, 50mm or 35 mm, and their suspension tapesand cords. The wooden Venetian blind can be adjusted in height. Its colours are anti-UV treated to give greater colour resistance over time. The wooden Venetian blind, therefore, is suited to highly exposed windows. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Store aluminiumThe micro-perforated aluminium Venetian blind range

See without being seen”. Such could be the motto of the micro-perforated aluminium venetian blind. Whether for a room facing another or a French door on the ground-floor, you need to keep your privacy. Choosing the aluminium Venetian blind range in this instance is very wise, since it does not block exterior light and yet it keeps your privacy. You can install it wherever you like, thanks to its high resistance to sun rays. As for your decoration, you can either choose a colour that blends well with the walls, or plays on contrasts. The aluminium Venetian blind can be easily removed for cleaning and storage. 

Sores Wengé et Merisier

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