It is time for you to go back to college, and, at last, you have found your new room or studio. All that remains is to personalise it to match your tastes. Here are a few easy decorative ideas with fashionable natural materials which are very cheap!

Natural light diffusion, to provide a cosy atmosphere


To play with lighting, have you thought of blinds? Venetian, Roman or roller blinds filter natural lighting in a pleasant manner. You could add to this with a standing lamp and a ceiling lamp. Why not use bamboo lampshades? Both stylish and resistant, it is a material we all love!

Play with accessories to personalise your decoration

For natural decoration, several accessories exist: folding screen, small rattan core decorative boxes, or a woven table set contribute to creating a warm atmosphere. You can make them yourself from the raw materials. To refresh your old furniture, you can use paper or bamboo on fabric weaves, which are really easy to cover it with. Your old storage case will look like a charming wicker chest when it is covered with a rattan weave. Finally, if you are clever with your hands, you can personalise doors, bedheads, bamboo bathmats and create your own space, a nest that reflects your character.

If you have other ideas or creations, please feel free to talk with us about them!