Fed up with crêpe paper and plasticine? Discover natural materials ideal for original fun creations with kids.


Up to the age of 5, flexible materials easy to work with

Very malleable, raffia and vegetable fibre yarns and cords, with which you can weave, wrap round or knot. These materials combine perfectly with crafts using wire or fabric.For a flowerpot decoration, a doll, or a name place, they give a natural touch to your creations.

From the age of 6, fine materials to cut up and stick

For a collage activity with older children, try using bambooweaves, raffia and coloured paper. These flexible materials can be cut like sheets of paper, and bring life to scrapbookcreations! They can also be used to make all sorts of decorated surfaces: table decoration, natural picture with feathers, sand, etc. An idea for rainy afternoons or for special birthday party activities.

From the age of 9 - 10: cut-out bases and rattan core

From this age, you can begin by learning how to do wickerwork with the creation of small objects. This is an enriching activity and easy to do even for beginners. Equip yourself with precut bases and rattan core. It is an opportunity to create decorative boxes in which you can hide all your small secrets.


Send us photos of your creations!


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