What is the difference between Roman and roller blinds?

Stores bambouRoman blinds or roller blinds are generally made from fabrics and materials that can be rolled or folded. The lifting and adjustment mechanism is very simple as well as the string lift and tassel opening and closing system. The fabric folds under itself by rolling, or in stages. The difference is a question of taste. The colour and weft of the fabric used for your blind result in different degrees of blackout. For a bedroom, we give preference to dark colours and motifs, which help you to fall asleep.

Stores aluminiumThe blinds sold by Globstor are made of woven bamboo or basketweave straw and Roman or roller mounted.In a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, the bamboo weave blind gives an unusual exotic feel to your house! The natural vegetable bamboo material brings an air of refinement to each room. You can choose among a large variety of weaves in natural light to dark colours. The bamboo blind enhances your front wall, veranda, window, or even your balconies and patio.

The cellulose fibre straw blind range with delicate nuances will embellish your indoor living space. Its weave plays with light, shadows and contrasts

Together this range is available in four standard Roman or roller blind sizes which can be modified in width and height.

Ambiance store bambou

L 60 cm x H 180 cm

L 80 cm x H 180 cm

L 120 cm x H 240 cm

L 140 cm x H 240 cm

All our references are also available in a coarse weave (L 180 cm x H 500 cm) together with the complete blind fitting kit (rail, opening/closing system with mounted cord and wooden tassel). You can therefore make your own customized blinds.

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